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    KNICKKNACk PLASTIC CO., LTD is a design-oriented manufacturers of plastic hardware accessories manufacturers and exporters, the main products are..
2012A latest product catalogues alre.. 2012/5/10
new catalog issue 2011/11/30
A new product brochures 2010 - alrea.. 2010/10/13
China QS production license approved.. 2010/3/5
太阳集团娱乐网址-澳门金沙手机app|澳门金沙娱乐网站|www.78886.com(Plastic Parts Experts)
太阳集团娱乐网址-澳门金沙手机app|澳门金沙娱乐网站|www.78886.com(Gift Expert)
I Bottle(Sports bottle expert)
I Case(Phone cover to protect Expert)
CLIMBER(Climbing hook Experts)
NIKO(Hardware BUCKLE Expert)
DIY UFO Buckles NB1019B
DIY UFO Buckles NB1018A
DIY UFO Buckles NB1017A
DIY UFO Buckles NB1016B
DIY UFO Buckles NB1015B
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